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Release 4

Project Gem - Release 4

The Audio Company

Echo recording company has come forward to release special combined edition of 'Nothing But Wind' and 'How to Name It' two great instrumental compositions of Ilaiyaraaja which they possess the copyright. This will be set of CD’s specially priced for the Ilaiyaraaja’s Fan Club.

Moreover here is an oppurunity for you to support the cause of genuine music by buying the original sound track. Finally, if you have this collection as audio cassettes, think again. Cassettes will deteriorate with time and this is one collection which you want to retain for your life time and then pass it on to your children.

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This release will be in the digital Audio Compact Disc (ACD) format spanning across 2 CD’s.

Release Contents

Please follow these links for Contents.

  • How to Name it
  • Nothing But Wind
  • Release 4 is a set of 2 CDs, a combo CD of Raaja's immortal and immaculate albums - Nothing But Wind and How To Name It. Many of us may be having this collection already. Its a good buy if you want to gift some Raaja fan on his Birthday, Anniversary etc., Each and every track in these albums has an exclusive theme which was detailed only in the sleeve writeups of the initial releases by 'Echo'. The further releases didn't have these info. If you have them as mp3s, its almost certain that names of the tracks are jumbled up as original track A is wrongly named as track B. Moreover no description of the tracks would have been available. To listen to these tracks knowing their background gives a new dimesnion to listening. Release 4 comes with this bonus. Also it is priced at an affordable 280.


    The price of this package that is both titles is finalized to Rupees 285/- (including packing and courier charges with in India).(Difference, if any, in packing and forwarding cost, will be intimated later). 

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    Time Line

    • Shipped with in 7 days after receving the confirmed order