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Release 3

Project Gem - Release 3

The Audio Company

CMM Studios has now come forward to release the India 24 Hours Album. Only 50 Numbers are available. It is from the final stock they have. (They have confirmed that there will be no production further). First 50 who pay will be considered. The stock is limited and we need to close this by 5 Feb 2003.

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This release will be in the digital Audio Compact Disc (ACD) format.


India 24 Hours album. An Insrumental compositions of Ilayaraaja.


The cost is finalized to Rupees 275/- for the CD. (excluding packing and courier charges). Rupees 30/- for packing and forwarding with in India. (Difference, if any, in packing and forwarding cost, will be intimated later).  

Total cost coming to Rupees 305/-   Minimum order quantity is not a criterion here. In that place 'first in first out' comes in.

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Time Line

  • Shipped with in 2 weeks, after receving the confirmed order