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Release 14

Project Gem - Release 14

The Audio Company

Echo recording company has come forward to release 9 movies of Ilaiyaraaja which they possess the copyright. This will be set of CD’s specially priced for the ProjectGem and being released for the first time in digital format.

These CD's are released to market simultaneously priced at Rupees 200/- per CD. For Project each CD costs Rupees 120/-.I request all to place your order through ProjectGem rather buying from Open market.

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This release will be in the digital Audio Compact Disc (ACD) format spanning across 2 CD’s..


Following table provides the complete details of the movies that will be bundled in the ProjectGem-Release 13
Tamil - Films
CD 349 - Anbulla Rajanikanth. Selvi, Anne Anne
CD 350 - Anbe Oodi Vaa, Ambigai Neril Vandaal, Amuda Gaanam,


The price of each CD in this Package is Rupees 120/-. All 2 CDs Costs Rupees 240/- (Excluding packing and courier charges with in India). Packing and couriering changes Rupees 60/- Difference, if any, in packing and forwarding cost, will be intimated later).

Total cost of Release 14 is Rs. 300/-

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Time Line

  • Posting this – 5-Dec-2005
  • Posting ordering procedures, terms and conditions – 5-Dec-2005
  • Getting order confirmations- from 5-Dec-2005
  • Collecting money – from 5-Dec-2005
  • Placing the confirmed order to Echo, 5-Dec-2005
  • Production and packing by Echo by 5-Dec-2005
  • Couriering to all who have placed the orders. from 10-Dec-2005