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Release 2

Project Gem - Release 2

The Audio Company

Venus  recording company has now come forward to release special edition.

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This release will be in the digital Audio Compact Disc (ACD) format. Highest care will be taken to bring in quality and compatibility to all CD players across the regions of the globe.


Following table provides the complete details of the movies that will be bundled in the ProjectGem-Release One

Movie Year Number of songs Songs
Kaamagni 1987 5
  • You are my Dream (Sharon Prabhakar)
  • Jiske Sahare(Suresh Wadker, Anmuradha Paudwal)
  • Main Hassen (Asha Bhosle)
  • Aa Gaya Sapna Koyee (Asha Bhosle, Preeti & Suresh Wadker)
  • Dance Music (BGM)


The cost is finalized to Rupees 125/- for the CD. (excluding packing and courier charges). Rupees 30/- for packing and forwarding with in India. (Difference, if any,  in packing and forwarding cost, will be intimated later). 

Total cost coming to Rupees 155/- 

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Time Line

Will be intimated shotly...