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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about the ProjectGem.
In case you don't get the clarification here Please write to

Can I pay by a Demand Draft (DD)?

DD from Citi Bank (or any other Bank) is ok as long as it is payable at Bangalore.
DD can be sent to the address mentioned

Do not add extra money for the demand draft.

Is it possible to send the CD's to USA (or any country outside India) directly?

For the 2 reasons this may not be feasible.

  1. Distributing these albums outside India is not permitted under regulations. These are not exportable. They are for sale in India only.
  2. The cost of couriering to other country is considerably higher than the album cost itself which is not worth it. (This amount can be invested in future releases..!)


Note: In case you need them to be dispatched to other countries please mail me separately to I will try and not a promises. 

Can I have the albums in MP3 or DVD format?

Technically possible but the availability of the DVD audio and MP3 player with all at all places (like car stereo) varies. An audio which can play DVD audio or an MP3 will by default play an Audio CD (ACD).

Can the list of songs be exhaustive for all releases?

Yes this will be provided.

Can I choose songs, which I require?

The contents per release are fixed. Getting customized CD’s per requester choice is not possible

Can I get the highest Digital Sound Quality?

The word highest is subjective. I will ensure that the audio companies remaster, reduce noise and build up if required. I will put in sincere efforts. I believe the out put will be comparable to any good quality Audio CD and will be better than their previous releases.

Can we get all the movies listed in the Master list?
The master List comprises of albums, which I have in original, which is my personal collection. This is only for reference to all. The list is not the Albums available for ProjectGem Releases. However fans can write to me about which movie they are looking. (full movie not individual songs). That will be an input for grouping next releases. Any follow-up on that is difficult to handle.

The Quality of samples is not up to the mark. What is the quality level of the final product?

The quality of the samples is intentionally kept low and the duration is also short per agreement from the audio companies. The quality of the final Product will be much higher.