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Project Gem: An effort by IR Fans to bring his gems to fans. This is on 'No Profit No Loss' basis

About ProjectGem

Hi Friends

For all music lovers and particularly Raaja lovers, here is an opportunity to listen to his rare songs.. With more than 800 movies composed by him, Raaja is a maestro in true sense. But many of his great numbers went unpopular because of reasons like,
1. They were in other South Indian languages and hence had limited reach in other states.
2. They were released in an era (1976 - 1995) when music tapes and CDs were a rarity and not widely sold.
3. They were composed for movies that were either not released or utter flops hence going unnoticed.

So I have taken an initiative to bring out all these songs to your reach. I am approaching the recording companies directly and arranging for release of such songs. Itís totally a non-profitable and transparent venture with the pure motive of popularizing Raaja's music. The processes by which you can order and receive the CDs are quite professional. Prices are highly reasonable.
Please realize that these CD releases are not commercialized and intended for targeted audience. But it needs at least a minimum number of orders to make it a success. Hence please visit the site, go thro' the planned releases of movie songs. You even have a 'samples' section to listen to the songs and get a glimpse of those rare numbers. Please help making this project a success and pass on this info to as many as possible.


  • To get the Ilaiyaraaja works released in CD(Digital) format. More importance to be given to his rare works, which
    are, really gems.
  • The audio company's who own the rights of these works will release the CD's


  • Release the list of movies as a batch to the forum with full details.
  • Collect the names of the people who need them including overseas.
  • Talk to the Audio company about the minimum order quantity and get the quotation.
  • Pass on this message to all and finalize the list of people who need them.
  • Pool in the money.
  • Place the order to the company
  • Deliver to each one who has placed the order.
Gem Team
Concept & Execution Prashanth Rao NR -
Web site Vijay Kumar A. B -